MotoGirlGT Closes its Season at VIR and Announces Special Round at Daytona Race of Champions

The CCS/ASRA MotoGirlGT Roadracing Championship series wraps up its 2019 season September 14-15 at VIRginia International Raceway in Alton, VA and has announced a special bonus round to be held at the CCS/ASRA Race of Champions at Daytona International Speedway in October.
The all-female CCS/ASRA MotoGirlGT Roadracing Championship series came about via a partnership between MotoGirlGT founder Angela Izzo Sink and CCS/ASRA president Kevin Elliott. Sink, a former ASRA Team Challenge racer, pitched her idea for an all-female race series to Elliott in early 2019, after seeing a significant increase in the number of women attending track days, many of whom were interested in racing.
She believed it would be a viable series and Elliott agreed, giving MotoGirlGT and 8-round series, to be held in conjunction with CCS/ASRA events.“When Angela approached me about this, I told her about our (former) Femoto series and its outcome,” Elliott explained.
“Angela provided me insight and some options that have made a difference, not only for our ASRA/CCS series but the sport, by bringing more female racers to our events with an injection of true enthusiasm from the participants.
We are proud to work with her now and look forward to a bright future with MotoGirlGT racing.”“I love this sport and have worked to make it less intimidating for women who entering it,” Sink said.
“I wanted to provide an opportunity for female racers with a series dedicated to them. Many of the women race classes other than MotoGirlGT but it was the MotoGirlGT series with ASRA/CCS that made racing accessible to them and gave them the courage to step up to racing.”

The MotoGirl GT series offers two competition classes, 500 Superbike for 500cc and smaller displacement machines, and Superbike for 600cc and 1000cc motorcycles. Racer Kristen Brand is currently leading the 500 Superbike MotoGirlGT series.

As an ambitious track day rider, Brand said the MotoGirlGT race series was just what she was looking for.“MotoGirlGT was such a great entry into racing for me,” said Brand.

“I’ve been able to learn so much, racing with other girls who push me to become better. There’s been a lot of tough competition this year and I’ve had to push myself every round. I’m really looking forward to riding Daytona and the MotoGirlGT round there.”

After the points season wraps up at VIRginia International Raceway, MotoGirlGT heads Daytona International Speedway October 18-20 for two races as part of the CCS/ASRA 36th Race of Champions.“I’m excited about the inclusion of two MotoGirlGT classes at Daytona,” Sink added. “It’s a great culmination to our first season. I’m proud of all the women who raced and grateful to ASRA/CCS for giving us this opportunity.”

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