Motorcycle track days that help women experience the track and make them comfortable by helping them fit into the scheme of things at the track in a fun and learning environment. Memberships are the same and programs are available at all events.Training and introduction included

We will provide gear if available and the GT1 school is free! MotoGirlGT Guardian Angels – A fleet of hand selected talented women who will be your Angels for the day, whether newbie first day to advanced rider needing a tow on a new track, Guardian Angel’s have you safely in our arms.

  • MotoGirlGT “First Time Pass” is available to non-members and entitles you to the GT1 training and 2 sessions
  • MotoGirlGT Meet-up’s for moto pick-ups, available for members only, let us help you get your bike to the track.
  • MotoGirlGT Camps – This offers a new experience every time you come to the track and will be held in the paddock. Available to beginners (nothing about riding) to advanced rider / racers.
  • MotoGirlGT Photo-shoots, for members only, get your picture professionally taken with your bike on the race track, at the end of the first two day event only. I will announce prior to upcoming event.
MotoGirl GT